How It Works

How My Buckle Buddy (MBB) works:

Note: The steps listed below assume that the user is on the drivers side of the vehicle.  Switch hands if user is on the passenger side of the vehicle.


Step 1: With your left hand, hold seat belt buckle tongue and extend outward away from shoulder re-tractor.

Step 2: Once fully extended, with your right hand, attach MBB to the back of the buckle tongue between the lap and should belts.

Step 3: With your left hand still holding the buckle tongue, take your right hand and secure MBB between lap and shoulder belts by wrapping your right hand around the belts and squeezing MBB between belts.

Step 4:  With your right hand still firmly wrapped around MBB and belts at the handle, feed the buckle tongue and seatbelt through the belt path.  You can then grab the buckle tongue on the other side.

Note: this does not complete the installation of your car seat.  Refer to your car seat manufacture installation guide for complete installation and safety information. 

Here are a few reference sources to help guide you through the complete installation of your car seat: